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Services: The Oakley Library has print media (books), audio books, and movies, both videos and DVDs, to be checked out for 2 weeks by patrons of the library district. The library is free of expense to residents of the library district except in the following cases: over dues, loss, and damage. The library's over due fee is 10 cents per item per library day until returned. Loss incurs a cost of replacement plus $2.00 processing fee. Damage fees are assessed according to the level of damage. If the item is no longer useable as a library item, it is the same as a loss. If damage is minimal, cost is levied according to cost of repair. We have a book drop adjacent to the front door, and items can be returned at patrons' convenience, when the library is closed.

The Oakley Library offers photocopy services. The cost is 15 cents per copy for one-sided copies, 20 cents per copy for two-sided copies on either 8-1/2 x 11 or 8-1/2 x 14 paper. Copies on 11 x 17 paper are 30 cents one side, 40 cents two sides. We do minor book repairs for patrons, with the cost based on materials and labor needed. We also will cover dust jackets on patrons' books for a fee based on the size of the book.

The Oakley Library offers interlibrary loan services to its patrons, free of charge, for materials not available in our library.  HOWEVER it would be great if patrons would pay the cost of postage on a voluntary basis.

The Oakley Library's non-resident fee is $25.00 per year per person or family.

The Oakley Library has three (5) public access computers, Microsoft Word Suite, Google Earth, and various other software. All use is free to residents and non-resident alike. There is a one-half hour limit on use, if there are other patrons waiting to use a computer.  This website is a resource to help Facebook users learn how to use and navigate facebook.



user name: oakleydl  password: libra

About the
TumbleBookLibrary is a collection of TumbleBooks
(animated, talking picture books
) with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language
titles, Read-Alongs
(chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation),
TumbleTV which
consists of pre-set playlists of a sequence of books, and Tumble Puzzles &



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